Childrens’ comedy fantasy novel

big BIG secrets

Doing mad experiments in the school science lab when teacher’s not looking is a very bad idea.

Annie’s not to blame for what goes wrong, but she gets stuck with trying to solve the terrible problem – her teacher’s been reduced to the size of a Barbie doll.

Can Annie and Jake make the apparatus reverse the process to get their furious little teacher back to normal and keep this weird event a secret?

  • “Hilarious
  • “Amazing”
My favourite Amazon review:

‘A story that 10-13 year olds will love – written with verve and pace that will carry readers along on a rollercoaster of catastrophes unwittingly set in motion by an ambitious and likeable science student. It is narrated by the appealing Annie, who finds herself with the cantankerous science teacher in the palm of her hand, literally!

It is full of kid friendly humour as she attempts to deal with the tiny teacher, such as providing him with the only clothing she has that will fit him – a pink and orange Barbie outfit.

It is a very accessible book, which at the same time offers a substantial and sustained read.

I really recommend it.’

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