Robert’s talks based on OF SONS AND SKIES

‘Not just Spitfires’

‘Very informative and interesting talk, very well received.’   Penarth Aviation Society

‘Packed with fascinating and often little known facts – brings those long years vividly to life to make us acknowledge how fortunate we have been to live in the following peace time.’ Rosemary Harward, Alfrick, Worcestershire

‘Excellent talk – made the evening come alive.’ John Sermon, Chair, North Cotswold Royal Air Force Association

Robert’s talk took his audience chronologically through the war years presenting some of the lesser known facts about the contribution of the allied airmen, both pilots and ground crew. Technological developments on both sides were impressive as were the sheer number of aircraft produced and lost but this only emphasised the awful risks that the aircrews were taking. A thought provoking talk 80 years after the outbreak of WW2.‘ Painswick Probus

‘A comprehensive investigation much appreciated by the audience’ Evesham Historical Society

‘To provide a chronology of 6 years of war in 45 minutes was no mean feat, and without referring to notes – an enviable skill. Splendid.’ ‘Henry Hall, ex-RAF Hendon

‘Robert Arley knows how to tell a story. He swept us from points of interest across Europe to the mysterious battles over the Pacific – breath-taking revelations of difficulties and dangers for crews in the air and on the ground. We were all educated and enthralled. That my dad survived to never speak of these things is clearly more of a miracle than any of us knew.’ Sue Friston, Gloucestershire

It has been my pleasure and privilege to present talks to a wide range of distinguished groups across the Midlands.

I have visited History Societies, Aviation Clubs, Civic Societies, Probus Clubs and Women’s Institute groups.

In the autumn of 2019 I was invited to speak to the Royal Aeronautical Society at Rolls-Royce in Derby, and was given a memorable tour of the formidable facilities at the huge plant on the day.


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