Relating to the contents and stories in the Worcester Media Mile book, this is a listing of what you will find on the YouTube compilation:

TIME CODE              TITLE                                                                                     YEAR

00.00                          POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE                                         2009

                                    Mayor Lucy Hodgson reveals the demands and joys of her office.

03.25                          A POCKET OF HOPS                                                         2005

                                    Harvest procedures at Hancock’s farm in Bishops Frome.

04.15                          BUILDING FUTURES                                                         2007

                                    Sparkling fresh arts provision in Caernarfon (via Rural Media


06.35                          40 YEARS                                                                             2019

                                    Celebration of the Cotswold Line Promotion Group’s four decades

                                    of fruitful lobbying to retain the fine railway.

09.25                          SLIMER WON’T DO THAT!                                                1988

                                    Behind-the-scenes on making the popular Children’s ITV

                                    ‘Real Ghostbusters’ animation series.

12.15                          GAZ TOP NON STOP                                                         1994

                                    ITV late night factual series set within major public and trade

                                    shows across the UK. This clip from the RAF Cosford event.

14.20                          TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR’S GOLF CLUBS            2011

                                    The ex-Goodie playing a course with the local pro. Fifteen factual

                                    films (with no cutaways!) for Discovery Channel via Endemol.

17.00                          OFFAL TALES                                                                      2012

                                    Delightful promenade show by Vamos Theatre marking the

                                    opening of Worcester’s magnificent Hive.

19.40                          WE DID OUR BIT                                                                2013

                                    Testimony of 11 veterans of World War Two living in

                                    Worcestershire in their old age.

20.55                          RAFT DAFT                                                                          1991

                                    Chris Barrie of ‘Red Dwarf’ conveys the fun of this Kidderminster

                                    Lions charity event down the Severn from Arley(!) to Stourport.

23.25                          MAIN HEAD                                                                          2012

                                    ‘Smart athletes articulate delicate carriers to execute machined

                                    strokes for a rapid ride’ (as the WMM book explains).  

25.15                          WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL                                          2014

                                    World-class players compete within Worcester’s fine Arena.

26.45                          SIGHT CONCERN FIREWALK                                         2015

                                    Worcester’s charity for visual impairment mounted a

                                    spectacular though scary event to raise funds.

28.15                          TRAVELLERS                                                                      1997

                                    Insight into the circumstances of a family living at the side of

                                    a main road in Herefordshire (for BBC1 via Maverick TV).

33.20                          ANTIQUES ROADSHOW – EASTNOR CASTLE          2001

                                    Michael Aspel introduces the programme from Ledbury, home

                                    to “Britain’s most distinguished bus stop”.

34.55                          HENRY SANDON’S GUIDE TO PORCELAIN                2005

                                    The National Treasure on his home patch.

The order of the clips reflects the order of the essays in the WORCESTER’S MEDIA MILE book. The walk began at the Guildhall, headed up the Tything to the Shire Hall, then swung down Castle Street to The Hive before concluding near the city bridge.

Of course, as you will realise, not every anecdote is set in the city.

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