NORMAN MAY – Malvern’s marketing maestro

– a fascinating new illustrated talk by Robert Arley

May’s Guides to Malvern are Victorian classics.

He also ran a successful photographic business based on Church Street.

What did May get right or wrong about Malvern?

What’s his place in local history?

Robert Arley’s talk will reveal all.

But why did I tackle this relatively obscure figure?

Because I am the proud owner of one of Norman’s delightful guides.

And – like Norman – a huge fan of the Malvern Hills.

I was intrigued to see how he saw fit to represent the town in the 1880s.

Like Norman, I have written tourist guides (In my case, about the M4, M5 and M6 motorways).

Like Norman, I am a photographer (well, a television cameraman and director).

My researches required library visits and gathering fresh photographic images of places and objects key to capturing Norman’s footprint on our contemporary landscape.

There’s a lot more to Norman than most people might imagine.

Unknown secrets about this Victorian entrepreneur and enthusiast exposed for the first time in this colourful (okay, mostly black and white) journey through his exceptional career.

Published by robertarleywriter

Writer; ex-TV director and producer. Credits for ITV and BBC factual and children's programming in the UK.

3 thoughts on “NORMAN MAY – Malvern’s marketing maestro

  1. Thanks for your information about your talk on Norman May.
    Please would you advise on your fees and availability for evenings in 2022.
    R Edwards
    Secretary Poolbrook WI, Malvern


    1. Dear Rosemary,
      Thank you for this enquiry.
      I would be pleased to come to Poolbrook WI one evening.
      My fee is normally £60, plus £10 towards travel costs.
      If this lies outside your normal parameters, please let me know.
      Robert Arley


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