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In my early 20s, I wrote a comedy stage play that was produced at the Kings Head, Islington – THE MAN WHO KNEW.

Then I scripted a satire about the motor industry which was taken to the Edinburgh Festival – THE CARBON MONOXIDE COMEDY HOUR.

My first contribution to children’s entertainment was setting up a Saturday morning presentation slot on ATV in the Midlands. This became TISWAS.

I then wrote for the ATV children’s comedy-drama series THE KIDS FROM 47A.

Next, I was invited to write an educational book for young children, ALONG THE SEASHORE, for the Evans Green Rainbow series.

For six years I was the producer of Children’s ITV, the packaged linking of kids’ shows on ITV welcoming many celebrity presenters and guests, ranging from Roland Rat to Kylie Minogue.

I later developed a 13-part children’s comedy drama series for ITV about an English schoolgirl – MINTY, who discovers she has a double who is an Australian pop star. The teenagers swop roles with hilarious consequences.

Next, something for the grown-ups – a comedy show about an Italian restaurant in Birmingham – SPAGHETTI JUNCTION.

Then, for the BBC, I became a team writer on CALL MY BLUFF, the popular BBC1 TV panel game.

Soon after that I devised, researched and wrote the M5, M6 and M4 SIGHTS GUIDES.

This led to me helping ‘Flog It’ presenter Paul Martin draft his ‘BRITAIN’ title for Sutton Publishing.

Next, I penned the children’s comic fantasy BIG BIG SECRETS.

In 2018, after three years of determined research, I produced a fresh history of military flying in World War Two – OF SONS AND SKIES.

In 2021, to accompany my Media Walks, I produced WORCESTER’S MEDIA MILE.

To buy a copy, here’s a link to Amazon:

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To view a selection of clips of some of the film’s featured on the Worcester Media Mile, go to YouTube and search for; WORCESTER MEDIA MILE.

To check out a listing of the clips at this YouTube destination, press HERE

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